Weigh In Week 2 - 25/11/18

Hola again!

So I 100% knew I was going to have put on this week. I had a trip to Hamburg from the Sunday morning to the Tuesday night, and although I said to myself that I was going to try and stick to plan I knew that the likely hood of that happening was very slim, I mean I'm in Germany the land of food for christ sake! I was on plan the two days before I went and even took pomegranates and oranges on the plane (unheard of I know) but it kinda all went downhill from there. 

My mum has warned me that German bakeries were the best and damn she ain't wrong. We ate and drank a lot at these having all the coffees, pastries, sandwiches, and oh my they were divine. I did a lot of walking through which I thought would even it out, we ended up doing at least ten miles a day; but I guess the waffles and ice cream, burgers and truffle fries and cupcakes would override that ha!

Some of my highlights of the trip were going to the beach and seeing some shipwrecks (despite the - 4-degree weather and snow), going to the zoo and touching an elephant and visiting the some of the original coffee houses which my best friend who is a coffee addict. 

However once home it was striaght back on plan, but I didnt think that would pull me back either. So I spent the day of weigh in so nervous to step on the scales, purely for the fact that I didnt want to be judged or called out by anyone. And then the time came to step on the sad step with a weight off.....

17 st 4.5 meaning a 1.5 pound gain!!

I was gutted tbh, even though I knew the exact reason why It had happened. All my family did really well though to lose, so well done to them. All the time I was sat there I was dreading my consultant talking to me, worrying about what she would say. However it wasn't half as bad as I'd made out in my head. She asked how I felt about it and I said I was a bit gutted, but I knew why it happend and I enjoyed myself and got striaght back on plan and then said I wanted to lose 2 pounds next week. 

My mum made a very valid point to me though. That you still need to be going out and living life and not everything revolves around slimming world, there will be times where you can't. However the important thing is that when you get back you get striaght back on plan and carry on and don't just carrying on eating the junk, which is all very true! Before I would have used the holiday as an excuse to carry on eating unhealthy but my mindsetting has changed to get striaght back on it so bravo me!