Weigh In Week 3 - 01/01/2018

Can't believe its weigh in number 3 already!!

Had a really good week on plan this week, plenty of speed, home cooked dishes so I was hoping for good things. One thing I really struggled with this week was snacking at night like even if I'd eaten loads and weren't even properly hungry, it was like I needed to eat cause that is what I used to do. However, I stayed strong and ploughed through, getting some fruit if I really needed too. I found that one thing that helped with this was saving my syns for then, having syn free meals throughout the day and then making a snack plate at night when I was to nibble. I discovered also that you can have 3 light baby bells as your healthy extra A (I'm sure everyone already knew this but alas) and considering I hardly ever used my healthy extra A so this was perfect news. Basically, I added these to my snack plate for some more nibbles!

It was also taster week at group this week, so I made some cinnamon doughnuts which were soooo good! Recipe to come soon, and they went down a storm at taster. I also made some great meals like sweet chill crispy chicken, burgers and chilli. 

So the time came for weigh in and I was actually excited as I knew there was gonna be a loss, so wanted to get on the scales. And the number showed......

17st 1...meaning 3.5 pound loss!!

I was proper chuffed with that and mean I had earned my half a stone award having lost 7.5 pounds in total! I love a good certificate and even better a sticker ha! 

Another thing that I have gotten this week is a princess planner! I have seen these all over Instagram and since I'm such a sucker for stationery so really wanted one. I got the green file with a personalised 8-week diary, food planner and the calendar. It was all quite pricey tbh but it's really good quality and I know it was something that would really aid my weight loss as I can really track everything so I knew it was money well spent. Plus if you had a search on Instagram then you can find plenty of 10% off codes from other people.

I have my best friends birthday coming up on Saturday, where we are planning on going for a meal and comedy club, but I do plan to make healthy choices at the meal and have vodka if I have any drinks so I'm hoping it doesn't have too much of an effect, we'll see!