Welcome to my slimming world journey!

Hello all!

I started my slimming world journey on the 11/01/18, and to be honest it was something I should have done a long time ago. I have struggled with my weight from being an early teen, always being the "fat one". I did get my weight down in college, but back then I still looked in the mirror and thought I was still fat when I really wasnt, oh how I wish to be that fat again ha! After starting university, suffering with depression and anxiety, going out drinking and eating every week and getting a boyfriend (and then breaking up with him) the weight just piled back on, and now I'm the heaviest I've ever been! 

I've tried slimming world in the past, but never going to groups and just doing it from information on the interent, and I never stuck with it for more than a week, which then the failure then led to me binge eat. Binge eating is something i've struggled with for the past year, eating massive amounts of junk food when no ones home and then feeling so guilty about it for days, leading me to again binge eat due to the feelings. After gaining weight and feeling horrible in myself, I decided enough was enough! My auntie was going back to slimming world and my cousin was signing up, so me and my mum decided we'd go too, as a family. I hope its the best decision I ever made and that I end up changing my life!

This is what this blog is for, documenting the highs and the lows, sharing recipes and changing my life! 

Hope you come along for the journey, 

Amy x