Weigh In Week 1 - 18/01/2017

I don't think I was ever as nervous for anything in my life as weighing in! Even though I knew I had been on plan all week and followed everything to the letter, I was still worried what the scales would say. So I went and paid and got ready to get the scales, and I lost.....

5.5 lbs!!

I was so buzzing with myself!! I felt like all that following plan had really paid off, but tbh I didn't feel like I was on a diet at all, felt like I was just making healthier choices. However, the one thing I was really enjoying the most was cooking! I made some really great recipes and realised how much I loved being the kitchen. I have always loved baking but always left the cooking to my dad. One of my favourite recipes this week was hunter chicken, was syn free including your healthy extra A. I'm planning to post some recipes on here eventually, but I want to take some pictures of the processes so will have to remake some of the recipes and then I'll start posting.

I had lots of praise and encouragement from the group after my loss and really left me feeling really good. However, I knew that I was going to Hamburg on a little mini break with one of my best friends in the next week so I knew I wasn't going to be 100% on plan. However, I talked to my consultant about it and said I would be on plan until I went on Sunday morning, and then get straight back on it when I get back on Wednesday.

Amy x