Weigh In start - 11/01/2018

And so the journey begins!

This is me. Amy, 22, miserable with how I looked and felt, none of my clothes fitting right. This picture is from Christmas day 2017 and I had bought a dress in the sale that was a size 22 and was totally gutted that I had to go up another size. 

I had committed to starting my weight loss journey with slimming world. I entered with my auntie, mum and cousin, my auntie had been to this group last year so led us over to the "newbie section". Basically, we were sat away from everyone else, not gonna lie kinda felt like we were on show as the newbies and I felt very self-conscious but it has be done. We were given the membership pack and all the forms to fill out, and then our lovely consultant Adele talked us through everything we needed to know about slimming world. As I said in my first post I knew some of the stuff about slimming world but it was nice to get a refresh and some proper rules to clarify. Then we got to go sit with the group! Adele carried on, as usual, going through new things on the website that were featured, any awards she had to give out and then went through everyone's weight losses and gains for the week. This was a bit I was really worried about as I really didn't want to be judged if I had put on that week, but was really pleasantly surprised by it all. The atmosphere in the room was totally unjudgemental, and everyone was so supportive. Adele talked about why you think you gained and then talked about ways to help for next week. She also mentioned however that if you did not want to talk to the group, or you did not want her to say your loss/gain then you could talk to her at the beginning and she would refrain from talking. Once she had been round everyone we had a raffle for the weekly price (was a blender) and then it was over. We had to stay in and register, and then the dreaded weigh-in came with a starting weight of.....

17 st 8.5 lbs!!

I was mortified at that tbh. That is definitely my heaviest weight and with the way I was going it would only be going up and up. It really was the reality kick I needed I think to sort my life out. I was really excited to start the week and see what my first weight loss was! 

Amy x