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YOU beauty advent calendar day 7 + 8!

Again I know I am so late for this one but my work life is crazy sometimes! So because of that, I'm going to put days 7 +  8 together just for the sake of time.

Day 7 was.... a Ciate London Wonderland Gel Kohl Liner! It has a black (VERY creamy) eyeliner on one side and a slanted little blending brush on the other to smudge it out. I'm definitely more of a winged liquid eyeliner kinda girl and have never really used kohl eyeliners since I was first starting using makeup. However, I did try it when doing my makeup yesterday and I did actually really like it! I used it underneath the eye on the outer corner and then smudged it out and it looked really nice.

In a normal full-sized version of this you get 1.1 g for £15.00 and in this, you get 0.8g which is pretty good, nearly a full sized product!

On day 8 we had a look good feel better angled blending brush! This one got me so excited! I have a few other look good feel better brushes which I used every day so I know that this one…

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